Phone Research

Last modified: 1 July, 2017

Given how paranoid I have always been (and its only getting worse) about carrying a fully capable networked computer with tons of sensors on my person all the time, and which I don’t fully trust (hey Hardware Manufacturers, I’m looking at you) this will be my collation point for all research regarding the phone.

I admit there aren’t really very many good options. There have been some attempts to open-source hardware (including a Raspberry Pi phone), but because of the economics, they haven’t really taken off. And even if they were decently spec-ed today, they will most likely be outdated soon. Small open-source caring organizations are not likely to have the resources that behemoth hardware manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, etc. have. Even the brave attempts that I cheered for (Firefox OS and Ubuntu Phone) have fallen by the wayside by this time. Be that as it may, I find its still useful to try to dig down the rabbit hole as much as one can.

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