Coursework during my Masters

Fall 2008
CSCI 570 - Analysis of Algorithms
CSCI 530 - Security Systems
Summer 2008
ENGR 596 - Internship in Engineering.
Spring 2008
CSCI 551 - Computer Communications
CSCI 503 - Parallel Programming
MATH 501 - Numerical Analysis & Computation
Fall 2007
CSCI 555 - Advanced Operating System
CSCI 574 - Computer Vision
CSCI 445 - Introduction to Robotics

Coursework during my Bachelors

1st Semester
Applied Math - I Applied Physics - I Applied Chemistry - I Manufacturing Processes Introduction to Computers Communication Skills Impact of Science & Technology on Society
2nd Semester
Applied Math - II Applied Physics - II Applied Chemistry - II Programming & AutoCAD Engineering Mechanics Electrical Science Communication Skills - II
3rd Semester
Applied Math - III Analog Electronics - I Circuits & Systems Foundations of Computer Science Object Oriented Programming Data Structures
4th Semester
Theory of Automata & Computation Analog Electronics - II Digital Circuits & Systems Communication Systems & Circuits Computer Graphics & Multimedia Operating Systems & Sytem Programming - I Inhouse training
5th Semester
Digital Circuits & Systems - II Microprocessor System - I Computer Architecture Telecommunication Networks Database Management Systems
6th Semester
Algorithm Analysis & Design Operating Systems - II Digital Signal Processing Data Communication Networks VLSI Design Industrial training
7th Semester
Control Systems Network Technology Compiler Construction
8th Semester
Consumer Electronics Knowledge Based System and Robotics Website Design Network Management & Security

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