Computer Vision

Computer Vision is TOTALLY AWESOME. Open CV is a free open-source library. Its got a lot of inbuilt functionality. And since it is a C++ library, its amazingly fast. I’ve worked earlier in MATLAB and JAVA and I was stunned with Open CV’s speed. The only downside is that documentation is vague at best. so the learning curve is slightly damped. But totally worth it in my opinion. Here’s my bit to improve the learning.

Here’s code for K-Means clustering using one of either Red, Green, Blue, Hue, Saturation or intensity channels of an image. Code

Here’s code to find the vanishing point of a set of lines found using Hough transform. Code

Here’s code to run the inbuilt BirchField-Tomasi algorithm in Open CV. Code

One of my favorites. Using RANSAC for matching SIFT feature points in two images. Code

Classification of images using PMK. This needed a whole set of training and testing images. Do let me know if you want the whole directory. Just email me. Code

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