Benchmarks for SanDisk Extreme microSD cards.

Last modified : November 11, 2019

I recently bought 2 SanDisk Extreme microSD cards (256Gb). I also happened to have the same SD card brand for (32Gb). The device I had it in was also reporting errors writing to the SD card. I benchmarked before and after fixing it using the Linux Disk Utility. I ran the Linux filesystem benchmarks and thought it might be useful for people who are also considering purchasing it. Even though the SD cards are advertised as having a max read throughput of 160MB/s, I wasn’t able to get that performance. I tried with different filesystem formats (ext4, NTFS, FAT), still no dice

32Gb card before fixing:

32Gb Benchmarked before fixing 32Gb Benchmarked after fixing

32Gb card after fixing:


32Gb card after fixing with different filesystems:







256Gb card: SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-I Card - 256GB. Product SKU SDSQXA1-25


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